Dinner Conference (18/03/2015)

Dear Member

It is an honor and pleasure to invite you on behalf of our Board of Directors to a Dinner Conference on March 18, 2015 from 7 PM till 10 PM at the Van der Valk – Brussels Airport – Hotel.

Key-note Speaker is Mr. Angus GAVIN, Urban Planner and former Director of Urban Development for SOLIDERE (2003 – 2013). He will inform us on ‘SOLIDERE’ – Beirut’s downtown renewal: the first 20 years -. Its’ intentions, successes and failures to date.

Please find attached the full information on this Dinner Conference as well as a Subscription form.

Hoping to welcome you to this event, we remain,

With kindest regards.


Hamad GHANDOUR - President
Ronny NOERENS – Managing Director


Gala: La Nuit du Liban (Brussels, 28/04/2012)

"Les bénéfices de la soirée seront destinés à concrétiser les projets initiés par le PNUD en faveur des femmes et des enfants défavorisés du Liban."

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Yearly General Assembly - June 2011

At the June 22, 2011 annual General Assembly, several Board Members were according to our statutes up for re-election, following the fulfillment of their 3-year term.

At this General Assembly, BLBC Founder and President, Mr. Hikmat NASSER informed the GA that, for professional reasons, he was no candidate for a new term as President.

Agenda limitations namely prohibit his full attention, full attention which is required to further develop the activities of the BLBC.

The GA honored this position and thanked Mr. Hikmat NASSER as well as all Board Members, past and present, for all efforts and initiatives so far, to develop the BLBC into a representative organisation of Belgian and Lebanese businessmen, both from Antwerp and Brussels who, through the organisation of various events, both in Lebanon and Belgium strengthened the inter-commercial relationships, such as evidenced by a resumption of direct flights between Brussels Airport and Beirut.

The GA, which was also attended on our special invitation by former Flemish Minister of Home Affairs, Urban Policy, Housing and Civic Integration and currently Member and Secretary of the Flemish Parliament, Mr. Marino KEULEN, an adamant friend of LEBANON, elected by unamity: 

Mr. Hamad GHANDOUR, CEO of Condor International - Brussels as its new President and elected two new Vice-Chairman, namely: Mr. Charles VRINTS, Managing Director HAVRICO Insurance NV - Antwerp & Mr. Fouad TRAD, Managing Director & CEO BYBLOS BANK BELGIUM – Brussels. Mr. Christiaan POSTELMANS, Director of HAVRICO Insurance NV - Antwerp was reconfirmed as BLBC Director and Treasurer.

Furthermore the GA approved the 2010 accounts, the 2011 budget, the proposal for adapting the Statutes to the position of two Vice - Chairman and the possibility to be re-elected as Director for a period of more than 6 years and the framework to organize events second half of November 2011 and March 2012.  

Also the above was voted with unanimity.

During the GA, two new Directors were unanimously welcomed, namely: Mr. Herman HERPELINCK and Mr. Hussein KOBEISSI.

Following the GA, an extraordinary Board Meeting elected:

Mr. Hikmat NASSER


of the BLBC

At the ensuing dinner, where the Partners of our Members were welcomed, Honorary Chairman Mr. Hikmat NASSER overviewed the many events organized thus far and the Lebanese and Belgian Excellencies and prominent businessmen / academics we were proud to be host of but he especially honored the memory of late Founder – Vice Chairman Hedwig DE KOKER, who was a co-driving force in the development of our Association and who died unexpectedly at the age of 55.   




Event of 10th December 2009


Our esteemed guest speaker for this event has been Mr. Paul PEETERS, Head of Commercial Banking Belgium BNP Parisbas Fortis, who has given a presentation on "BNP Parisbas Fortis, a Belgian Bank with International Reach"


Yearly BLBC General Assembly – 25th June 2009

The yearly General Assembly was held on the 25th of June 2009.

The Board briefed the Members on the following aspects:

  1. Annual Report of the Board of Directors to General Assembly.
  2. Balance Sheets from 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2008 .
  3. Budget for 2009
  4. Program for 2009 & 2010.
  5. Various aspects

Event of 5th May 2009

“The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Lebanon and the Middle East”.

The BLBC was enriched for the second time at the Pullman Hotel in Brussels; with the presentation of the evening’s Guest Speaker; Mr. Nassib Ghobril, Chief Economist of Byblos Bank Group in Lebanon. Mr. Ghobril gave an in depth presentation on the reasons and factors that led to the Global Financial Crisis and how it has affected Lebanon and the Middle East.

The BLBC Mission to Lebanon: 19th to 26th February 2009

Part 1: BLBC Mission to Lebanon - 19th to 26th February 

"Trip to Lebanon for the participation and cooperation in the two international economic events.”

The Belgian Lebanese Business Council led a mission to Lebanon from 19th to 26th February 2009 for the BLBC members to create new opportunities and to consolidate their existing relations. BLBC cooperated and participated with the MED INVEST 2009 Forum, which was held on the 20th and 21st February, at the Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel. The aim was to group political figures, business leaders and policy makers from the Arab world, the Middle East and Europe. 

Part 2: BLBC Mission to Lebanon - 19th to 26th February 

"Dinner at the Phoenicia Hotel’s Eau De Vie restaurant"

BLBC President, Mr. Hikmat Nasser hosted a dinner at the Phoenicia Hotel’s Eau De Vie restaurant. The dinner was in honor of distinguished Lebanese Ministers, Members of Parliament, prominent CEOs and owners of Lebanese companies, BLBC members and participating Belgian companies from the Flanders Investment and Trade (F.I.T) and  Brussels Export.

Part 3: BLBC Mission to Lebanon - 19th to 26th February 

"Meeting To Revive Direct Flights Between Brussels & Beirut"

On Monday 23rd of February 2009; BLBC President,  Mr. Hikmat Nasser and Brussels Airport Mangers of Airline Business Development, Mr. Didier Duponselle and Mr. Geert Van Dessel had a meeting with Head of the Commercial Department of the Middle East Airlines (MEA) , Mr. Nizar Khoury. The meeting was held in Beirut, at the Rafic Hariri Airport. The aim was to explore the possibilities of reviving direct flight routes between Brussels and Beirut.

Part 4: BLBC Mission to Lebanon - 19th to 26th February 

“Leisure & Tourism”

On two free days between the scheduled BLBC activities, the BLBC Board managed to arrange some Leisure and Tourism Programs for its members.

BLBC members enjoyed a half day’s tour of Brummana and Beit Mary on the first free day and a full day’s tour of Baalbeck on the second day.

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Mr. Hamad GHANDOUR, CEO of Condor International - Brussels








 Event of 10th December 2009